How to Get Media Attention for Your Cause: Complete Guide

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All media attention does not have to be negative. There is a serious benefit to garnering the world’s attention if you have something important to say. However, with that being said, most of you may not know the first thing to do about how to get media attention to bring attention to your cause, and you may need some guidance. 

Getting media attention can involve social media to build rapport with the interviewers. However, people have to realize that it is not an overnight success, but there are many ways to get media attention along with various benefits. 

Let’s continue reading to learn about the various ways to get media attention, the benefits of getting attention from the media, and a guide on how to get media attention for your cause. 

5 Ways to Get Media Attention 

When you think of media attention, you know, in your mind, that there are many options, but they are so overwhelming that you are coming to a blank. Here is some help to help you open your mind to the various possibilities you could use. 

Let’s continue reading to learn about the five ways that you can get media attention. 

Social Media social media sites blog

Social media has become a staple in reaching out to many people. However, the most beneficial and common thing to do on social media is going viral. Going viral on a social media platform is a sure way to gain the media’s attention and bring attention to your cause, create conversation, and create a community of like-minded individuals. 


An interview on the news is not a new way to get attention for your cause, but it has remained a reliable and beneficial source of getting your message across. A news interview may not get your attention globally or internationally, but you will get to bring attention to your cause locally within your state and city. 

Television Commercials or Ads 

Television commercials are another way to gain attention from the media, either locally or globally, to bring attention to your cause. You would have to fund yourself to advertise, but if you opt to promote a commercial, you could also purchase an ad for social media. Either way, you will have to fork in some money to advertise your cause. 

Radio or Podcast Interviews 

Radio and podcast interviews can be a beneficial way to gain media attention from, if not globally, then locally within your state and city. To reach out to a radio station or podcast company for an interview, email them or give them a phone call and state the cause to which you want to bring attention. 

pile of newspapers fullWriting an Article 

You can shop for news articles or websites that allow you to write guest articles for payment or free and write an article on your cause. Still, it is better to write an article about your cause on as many websites and news articles as possible to gain as much attention as possible and advertise it on social media. 

Understandably, it is not a quick and easy task to gain attention from the media by doing one thing that could look simple from the outside looking in. Still, it is not, but it is essential to remember that there are many benefits to getting media attention. Let’s continue reading to learn about the benefits of getting media attention. 

Benefits of Getting Media Attention 

To increase awareness about a cause you are passionate about, you have to garner as much attention as possible, and getting media attention is beneficial in various ways. Let’s continue reading to learn about the five benefits of getting media attention. 

Increased Awareness About Your Cause 

You have built an increased awareness about the cause that you want to display to viewers worldwide. Raising awareness comes with creating uncomfortable conversations while simultaneously validating what some are thinking and bringing everyone together, whether they realize it or not. More exposure reassures you that the discussion about your cause will never die down, but instead, many being invested. 

Connection With the Audience 

Getting media attention about a cause also includes building a connection with your audience, whether good or bad. Ensure they are engaged and you are saying things in a way that makes them want to be invested, learn more about your cause, engage in conversation with you and others, and maybe tell others who have never heard of your cause. 

More Credibility 

Part of spreading the word about your cause, or any cause, is to make it interesting and be genuine and truthful to yourself and the facts you are relaying. Telling the truth behind your intentions and the points behind the cause will make you look more credible. Credibility makes you stand out more and gives you more attention. 

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Build a Rapport 

Hard facts and not lying to your audience help to build rapport. A big part of trust is that the audience can put themselves in your shoes if you share your experiences with them, and they are more likely to want to hear you out than shut you out because you are giving them time to feel you out. 

Can Save Money

You could save some, or a lot, of money from getting media attention. You will only have to spend money if you want to shoot a commercial or are willing to fund to pay for an advertisement. However, you can advertise for free or at a lesser cost and still have the ability to garner attention from the media. 

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But, to reap the benefits of having the attention from the media, you will have to work towards getting media attention for your cause. Let’s continue reading about a complete guide on how to get media attention for your cause. 

Tips for Getting Media Attention 

Although you are passionate about your cause, you realize that getting media attention to bring attention to it is not an easy task. There are various tips for getting media attention, some of which can include: 

  • Utilize various forms of social media. illustration tips on brainstorming
  • Build a rapport with various personnel. 
  • Gather a list of contact information. 
  • Brainstorm a pitch/determine what your cause is and practice it. 
  • Determining method(s) of media attention. 
  • Practice speaking to the media. 
  • When speaking to the media, remember they are doing their job. 
  • Thank them after the interviews. 
  • Continue to spread your message. 

Let’s continue reading for a complete guide on how to get media attention for your cause. 

How to Get Media Attention for Your Cause: Complete Guide

Getting the attention you want from the media is not as simple as posting a tweet, and then boom, you have media attention. There’s more to it than that. Let’s continue reading to learn how to get media attention for your cause. 

Utilize Social Media

Social media has become and will continue to be more popularized and utilized to the likes of others’ interests. It is the quickest and easiest way to stay consistent in getting your message across and has the potential to become viral. Any interview you conduct can be posted across various social media platforms, so utilize it to your advantage. 

Build a Rapport with Reporters

Build a rapport with various reporters. Follow them on social media and interact with them through their postings or an occasional DM. Make sure they have the right impression of you when interacting with them. You have to appear genuine and ensure no malicious intent behind wanting to be friendly with them. 

Gather Contact Information

Determine which reporters, podcasts, or news sight you would like to interview. Search their social media platforms and websites and gather their contact information for interviews to make a list. Doing this will take away one less thing you will have to do and serve as a reference point for whom you want to relay the message to your cause. 

Brainstorm, and Practice, Pitch 

Brainstorm how you want to relay the pitch to your cause. Think about what is “newsworthy” and then form it to garner the audience’s interest. After determining what is “newsworthy,” remember whom you want your target audience to be. After all, practice your pitch as much as possible until you feel comfortable enough to say it to the interviewer. 

Determine Media Method(s)

Once you’ve brainstormed, determined your target audience, and practiced your pitch, alongside this or after, determine the method, or various forms, of media that you will want to try and get the media attention from. You could do social media solely, podcasting, a news interview, a radio interview, writing an article or a written interview, or any other media method. 

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Practice Speaking to Reporters

Once you’ve determined the media method and know the reporter interviewing you, practice speaking to a reporter via a mirror, a friend, or a family member. If you practice with someone else, have them ask mock questions about your cause, and you practice your responses and ensure that your demeanor is calm and respectful. 

Remember: The Reporters Are Doing Their Jobs! 

When it comes time for the interview, remember, first and foremost, that the reporters or whoever else is conducting the official interview are only doing their jobs. Their jobs are to try and get specific answers out of you that you may not want to answer to keep the interview interesting. Keep a calm manner and remain entirely respectful. 

Thank Them After the Interviews 053b5a3443fef4781983c09140a3e67b

To continue getting your message across to the public, you must remain friendly and have a rapport with the reporters you are being interviewed. Thank them after the interview and show how much you appreciate them for taking the time to be interested in spreading the message of your cause.  

Continue to Spread the Message

Continue to spread the message. Spread it through social media. Continue with the interviews. Continue to be honest, authentic, and transparent about your message. And remember, and continue to be hopeful, that people will be listening and the message will get across to many people as you continue to be patient because media attention does not happen overnight. 

So, now that you know and have a complete guide on how to get media attention, you can use it to your leverage to spread the message of your cause. You have also learned about the many ways to get media attention and some benefits when you get it.
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