How To Make Your Small Business Go Viral (11 Ways)

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Trying to attract the attention of the online community and keep up with ever-changing trends can be a thoroughly exasperating experience. For this reason, you are likely wondering the best way to make your small business go viral without completely losing your sanity. 

To keep preserve your peace of mind the list below should guide you in the right direction to bring your small business to viral status in the blink of an eye. 

How To Make Your Small Business Go Viral 

Before taking the advice in this article be sure you are prepared for what it means to go viral. If you are selling a product it could mean that you become inundated with new product orders.  

This is fantastic and ultimately the overall goal but then you discover that you do not have the inventory to accommodate the number of orders being placed. 

This can be a good problem to have but can also be detrimental to a new product or business because, in this day and age, people don’t like to wait. If you cannot deliver the product as advertised in a timely manner, your reputation can be irreversibly damaged. 

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Don’t Be Flashy Just To Be Flashy

Although it can be helpful to use flashy graphics or catchy advertising gimmicks to attract the eye of an internet gazer you need to have more than that to keep them engaged. 

It is important that what you are displaying also resonates with value; meaning that you want the viewer to have a clear understanding of what is being presented. That way you are not just paying for eye candy but getting your point across as well. 

Timely Release

In real estate, location is everything however when it comes to promoting a small business with the hopes of going viral it’s all about timing. 

Your promotion should fall around a time that is most relevant to your targeted demographic. Below are examples of the best times to promote a small business or a particular product. 

  • Major holidays
  • The beginning of a new season
  • New school year or university semester 
  • Special occasions/events
Don’t Blend In With The Visual Clutter

There are so many flashing advertisements and popup ads begging internet viewers to click here or sign-up today that people can become blind to what they are actually looking at. 

They tend to ignore the ads and close the box without even knowing what was being advertised. To avoid this from happening to your content it is essential to create a display that stands out from the rest. 

Sometimes this can mean using a simple light-colored background to make your product pop out onto the screen grabbing the viewer’s attention. 

Incentive To Gain Followers content creator

Since you are trying to bring your small business to viral status online you need to have people who are interested in what you are doing and they need to follow you. 

The more followers you can gain online the more your product will be shared. If you are just starting out it can be helpful to offer incentives if people like, share or follow your content. 

Some businesses will offer a certain percentage off of their first purchase if they share their advertisement. Others may offer incentives for referring friends and family where everyone can receive a discount. 

Create Content The People Want To Keep Sharing

Today there is so much negativity that people are yearning for something that makes them smile or laugh. 

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When they are able to find something you can almost guarantee that they are going to share it with their friends and/or family members. 

Use that information to create advertisements and content that are entertaining, funny, or heartwarming so people will be more inclined to engage, follow and share what you are putting out there. 

When content is entertaining it will stay relevant longer than a simple advertisement with the name of your business and some contact information. 

Hire A PR Agency 

The best way to help your small business reach viral status is to hire a professional PR agency that is experienced in promoting businesses online. 

A good PR agency will always be aware of changing trends and the best ways to attract the right attention to your small business or product. 

Hiring a PR agency also reduces a lot of stress that online marketing can cause which means you can focus more on your business and less on the marketing aspects. 

Stay Relevant To Your Targeted Demographic 

Whatever your business is, you need to be sure you are staying abreast of current trends and what people want. 

Losing sight of what the customer desires are a surefire way to lose their business to another company that is more up-to-date to pick up their interest. 

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Tag As Much As Possible

Using hashtags and/or geotags is one of the quickest ways to get your small business noticed. The more tags you attach your small business to, the more people will be exposed to your content and be able to see what you are promoting. 

Oversharing Can Be As Detrimental As Under sharing

Although it is recommended to drop as many tags as possible that does not mean that you should create new social media posts every five minutes. 

It is important to make timely social media posts just as it is important to be timely in releasing your products/promotions throughout the year. 

If you share too many posts on your wall or have too many pop-up advertisements, people will become bored or tired of constantly being barraged with your pleas to check out your business. You want to be present, but not annoying. 

Use The Right Words content creator

Using the right keywords in your content is another way to help your small business go viral. If you are not using relevant terminology your content is not going to pop up when people are hunting for something. 

It is all about using the correct wording to attract the right demographic to your small business. Using the wrong words can leave you at the bottom of the list looking up at your competition. 

Posting On The Right Path

It’s important that you are using the correct social media platforms to promote your small business. You want to be sure that your target demographic will be using the platforms where you are posting your content or it will be a waste of your time and money. 

Going Viral – Not Hard When Done Correctly 

As you can see it can be fairly simple for your business to go viral if you follow the tips in this article. Keeping your online presence fresh and relevant will give you an advantage over those who are not utilizing the power of the internet to promote their businesses. 

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