How To Promote Your Product On TV (The Ultimate Guide)

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You see them every day as you are watching TV, one after another, loud commercials promoting new products that are going to change the way we live our lives forever. You have also been considering the idea of creating a commercial but you are not sure how to promote your product on TV. 

Multiple things must take place in order to effectively promote your product on TV some of which include:

  • Hire a professional to create your advertisement
  • Know your audience and choose appropriate channels
  • Have enough money for advertising and fulfilling orders.
  • Have a product that stands out 

If you want to quickly increase your sales by promoting your product on TV continue reading to learn the most effective ways to accomplish your ultimate goal. 

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What you need to promote a product on TV
Must Have Capital And Patents

Before you can even consider producing any kind of television commercial you have to have the capital to back it up. The cost associated with promoting a product on TV can be higher than many people expect. 

There are expenses that are not always taken into consideration that can eat away at your bottom line. 

Most communities have local TV stations that offer small advertising spots for free or at a severely discounted price. 

If you are a start-up company lacking the necessary capital to do a professional TV promotion this can be a viable option to test the local waters and see what people think. 

It is also important to cover your assets, meaning that it is unwise to advertise your new product on television if your patents are still pending

Other companies are waiting like hungry sharks to try and make cheaper versions of other people’s ideas all of the time which is why it is necessary to be sure you can retaliate legally if this happens to you. 

Aiming At The Right Target

One of the largest faux pas that people make when advertising their products on TV is advertising to the wrong demographic. It is so important that you know who your targeted audience is and direct your focus toward them. 

As an example, if you are trying to bring awareness and increase sales for a new plumbing product you don’t want to advertise on Nickelodeon, you would want to focus on home improvement channels or channels that an adult would be interested in watching. 

The same goes if you are promoting something in the entertainment category where children are the main target, you would want to focus on channels that will expose them to your product. 

It’s a simple yet crucial step that many people tend to overlook because they are so enamored with the other aspects of running their business and trying to promote the product. 

Many people think that if it’s on TV it is guaranteed to be an instant success; that is rarely the case because it takes strategic planning combined with a quality presentation to pull off a successful TV ad campaign. 

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Know How Much Exposure You Want And Can Handle pexels nothing ahead 3721597 2

Another important aspect to consider is how much exposure you want for your product. Do you want to advertise locally or are you ready to go big and advertise on a national level? These are important questions that you need to ask yourself. 

If you opt to promote your product nationally it is essential that you are able to handle the potential orders that may come stampeding your way. You must have enough inventory to fulfill incoming orders, a reliable shipping system in place, and quality customer service. 

Being unprepared for a large influx of orders has ruined many great businesses simply because they could not keep up with demand. Proper planning and execution are necessary to successfully promote your product on television. 

Don’t Dawdle – Wasting Time Is Wasting Money 

When creating your advertisement don’t dawdle! You have a very limited amount of time to introduce your product and an even smaller amount of time to make the viewer understand what it is and how they can obtain it. 

The instant your commercial begins you should be giving a quick, clear description or explanation of your product or service so that they know exactly what you are promoting within the first few seconds of the ad. 

A bunch of graphics or random imagery accompanied by blaring music will not help to promote your product, rather it will likely cause them to mute the television or change the channel. Rather than distract with a bunch of glitz focus on featuring the things that set your product apart from the competition. 

Nobody likes an obnoxious commercial blasting in their ears while they are trying to relax and watch their favorite programs. You also must remember that every second wasted on irrelevant flashiness is money being thrown down the drain.  

It is important to be clear and relatable; if the viewer does not understand what the product is and relate on an emotional level they are not going to spend their money on your product. 

pexels angela roma 7319294For A Professional Ad – Get Professional Help 

Although it definitely takes a large bite out of your marketing budget consulting with a PR agency can be helpful for getting in with the right television stations and choosing the correct channels. Hiring a professional to produce your commercial is the best avenue to take.

Homemade commercials look exactly as they sound, homemade, and if you are trying to make it big in this world you need a clean professional look that doesn’t make it look like you are still working in your grandma’s basement. 

A cheap-looking commercial will make your product appear cheap and be less appealing to the viewer. It is also recommended that you produce more than one commercial. 

For example, create a 30-second spot and a 60-second spot so you can switch it up and keep viewers interested as well as place your ad on more channels. 

Last But Not Least – Buy Now! 

Don’t forget to let your potential customers know how they can buy your product. It is essential that you include a call to action at the end of the commercial. 

Be sure to tell your viewers to buy your product now! Include clear and easy contact methods so they know how they can reach your company. 

TV Advertising Effective When Done Properly

As you can see there is a lot that goes into successfully promoting a product on television, but if you follow the tips in this article and remain focused on the end goal you are likely to have a lot of success. Just remember to stay relatable and be clear when presenting your product to your targeted demographic.

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