How TenXPR Made the Fearless Fund a Household Name

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The Fearless Fund 

The Fearless fund was founded by Women of Color (WOC) and  invests in female WOC entrepreneurs seeking pre-seed, seed level, or Series A financing. Their mission is to bridge the gap in venture capital funding for WOCr founders building scalable and growth-aggressive companies.


They found themselves in the middle of a lawsuit they saw as frivolous and political and wanted to get the word out on how it was impacting the world of finance, investing and business. They needed a voice so we brought them to the media. 


TenxPR put a media strategy together

Our objective was to sound the alarm and get their voice and this situation into the public eye. We needed to go as wide and prominent as possible, and since this was a national topic that tied into a national discussion we targeted high profile appearances. 


Placements included

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As a result, the Fearless Fund has built their reputation significantly.
This is ongoing, but as a result of working with TenXPR they have built their name and reputation, gathered support from millions of people and are addressing the issues they find crucial.  They also believe this has helped them improve their chances in court.  

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